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Aelle Ventilazione mainly proposes itself to its customers as an expert supplier in the field of ventilation both in the industrial field and in the civil field.
We have the possibility to supply any type of centrifugal or axial fan built in different executions, materials and versions.
But not only, in the wide range of treated materials we can supply suction walls and painting booths as well as side channel blowers, vacuum pumps, electric motors, inverters and other technical items that you will find on this site.

All the products we manufacture and market are of excellent quality and reliability and, thanks to some collaborations established with our important partners, we can provide both technical and design assistance, covering all phases of product development and installation of the same.
We provide assistance for starting on the fans, checks on suction systems with instrument controls on flow rates and pressures as well as a balancing service for centrifugal fans on site.
The professionalism demonstrated over time and the availability in the search for solutions, mean that you can consider the Aelle Ventilazione a reliable partner.


B2B sales

Aelle Ventilazione has been dealing since 2010 with the sale of centrifugal and axial fans in various executions and materials for the industrial sector.
Our market is mainly addressed to machine builders, painting plants, suction and purification plants, car wash plants with special designs and special applications in various sectors, without excluding the private sector, especially in the area of ventilation or purification.
All the products we process are of excellent quality and reliability and can take into account any requests for special executions.
For a view of our "standard" products we invite you to look in the appropriate section.


For us, product quality and after-sales service are essential. This is why, thanks to some collaborations established with some of our important partners, we can provide technical and design assistance for the development of various types of installations, especially regarding suction and painting systems.
We are always available for on-site checks and can be reached at any time at our telephone numbers

Technical checks

We follow the pre and post installation part of our fans by performing the following technical checks:
Checks on fans and balancing impellers on site
Verification on suction systems
Verification and sizing of ventilation for sheds, greenhouses, etc.
Verification and sizing of side channel blowers


  • Mechanical material
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Electrical equipment
  • Extraction lathes
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Vacuum cleaners and compressors
  • Axial fans

Aelle Ventilazione
Via Garibaldi, 19
20825 - Barlassina - Monza Brianza
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