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Captureimage S.r.l.
Noleggio, Studio fotografico /Digital photography studio and post-production
Captureimage S.r.l. Via Dolci Carlo, 34 20148 - Milano
Lombardia Italia

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Captureimage was born in 2008 from the many years of experience as a studio manager of Alberto Lanini, who after years spent in the direction of Superstudio and other important Milanese companies, decided to invest in a new business venture. Captureimage is the photographic studio that, by virtue of the people who work for us, for the comfortable spaces, flash equipment formed exclusively by generators of the latest generation (Broncolor Scoro), the reliability of the equipment kept in constant order, a very appreciated catering service, Parking always available for everyone; Is ideal for all kinds of productions from the most complex to the simplest, plus the insertion in the three-year-old design of a set designer has elevated the level of feasibility of the scenery by not limiting the demands of the customers.

We are always available 7 days a week, even though the working hours are from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, after these timetables will be counted on supplements, so also for the weekend and holidays.


The studies occupy an area of about 800 square meters. Two white egg yarns with curves with a radius of 120 cm, very large to have a perfect continuous bottom with a separate area for make up and clothes; The study of three of the other 330 sqm. Recently realized with environments already made available to customers, ideal for large productions and set footage. All the studios are on the ground floor and therefore easy to load and unload the things to be photographed. Access from the road is very wide and the yard can be reached by any means of transport.

The WI-FI connection is available for customers' internet access through their computers and Gigabit Ethernet connections for high-speed data transfer.

Captureimage S.r.l.

Offered services

  • Assistance on the set,
  • Broncolor Lights hire,
  • Free WI FI for the whole crew,
  • Independent air conditioning,
  • carpentry,
  • Interior designer,
  • Scenic scenes to mount complex settings,
  • Catering service,
  • Ample free parking.
Captureimage S.r.l.
Via Dolci Carlo, 34
20148 - Milano - Milano
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